Amelia Lonsdale




Here, After




The project was realised through the photographer’s interests in portrayals of social landscape and the use of architecture and verdure as a form of cultural expression, within the context of a particular homestead. In pursuit of this interest she began to unearth her own hinterland through the exploration and documentation of an area that lies beside her home neighbourhood: An affluent suburb and the reformed land that surrounds it. The work takes a topographic approach but, when brought together as a series, is not a a description of the geography but instead encourages a subjective view of a world that exists between the photographs themselves. Hinterland seeks to understand the sensibility of the place and what it means to reside within it,  identifying the ideals of our own space. It exposes the inhabitants’ use of the land to bestow a sense of serenity and stillness, whilst sheltering themselves from the outside world.

“A photographer can describe a better world only by better seeing the world as it is in front of him” - Robert Adams